Edmunds Announces Retained Value Awards winners

Edmunds.com has announced the winners of its 5th annual Best Retained Value Awards, and winning this years top honors for highest project residuals were Toyota and Acura. The awards highlighted the brands and 2015 models with the best projected five-year residual values. This based  on the vechicles True Market Value price during the first five months in the market, or for vehicles introduced in November or December of 2014, through March 2015, Edmunds explained in the news release.

Toyota was the non-luxury class winner and had a projected five-year residual of 52.4%. Acura was top on the luxury side with its 46.9% five-year residual.

there were 24 other segment awards to recognize individual models. Toyota took more spots than any other brand, with 4 winners. The complete list of winners can be found on the Edmunds.com website. To be eligible for the brand-level awards, brands had to have more than 100,000 unit sales last year and offer vehicles in at least 4 vehicle-type categories.